Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Power of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon et al

When a megalomanic dynasty falls apart I celebrate. What about Google, Apple, Facebook et al? The megalomaniac seems pretty appropriate. We think of them as being just massively creative, but when creativity is used to accumulate power and control it gets another name: greed. The greed that drives the eWorld isn't a beautiful thing or a strength, it's an inner monster that strips people of their humanity. 

What does a company need to monopolize the world for? Because companies are about people, right? How much money can an individual spend in a day on things that they can actually use?

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon et al run roughshod over whoever is in their way. Remorseless, relentless. But we idolize them - because they make billions by producing bright toys and using brilliant PR to convince us we need them? Because they work incessantly to evade responsibility and to increase their control over us?

Accumulating, accumulating. Meanwhile, the middle class in the US fights for survival; around the world children are sold into forced labor; women are sold as sex slaves. There's a lot that these companies could do if they really applied themselves but they don't. 

Celebrity-corporate individuals call themselves philanthropists and get mega strokes for donating a million here, a million there. But it's chump change to them.

It’s hard to imagine now what the world would be like if Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple fell off the face of the earth. But I guess a few years before Gaddaffi was tossed out it was hard for Libyans to imagine what life would be like living free of him. 

Too much power corrupts. Not because power in itself is a bad thing, but because anybody who wants that much power is inherently weak, not strong.