Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Greeks Held Hostage by Centrist Right Politicos

Admiration: for Alex Tsipras. He was put in an impossible position and then accused of being a jerk when he made the best out of the worst hand that was dealt him.

Sad: about Greece. This period was such an opportunity for centrist right politicos to come to their senses, look at the truth of the consequences so far of their austerity plans, get off their judgment pedestals and develop some humanity. Lot of room for improvement there but it just passed them all by.

Disgusted: with Angela Merkel and her pals. Watching her talk with such smugness and self satisfaction about why she pushed for more stringent terms made me cringe. Cloaking her pathological need to dominate in ‘economic expediency’, her idea of which is based on a myth. Sane economists all agree that austerity doesn’t work. Ms. Merkel has unwittingly borrowed the Emperor’s new clothes. And the way they all have closed their minds to the humanitarian crisis they've caused in Greece is beyond disgusting. It’s actually frightening.

Gobsmacked: at the harsher Eurozone terms. If it didn’t need them originally it doesn’t need them now and to say that they’re necessary now because trust has been destroyed is ludicrous. I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life. It's got nothing to do with trust. Greece would be repaying its debt if its economy hadn’t been crippled.

Speechless: at the twisted idea "I can hurt you and if you object you’re bad". More than obnoxious is how so many have made out that Alex Tsipras and the Greeks were playing stupid games when actually they were genuinely striving to free themselves from the grip of a group of sociopaths. The idea “ is so twisted it leaves me speechless.

Mind-boggled: at the cruelty. That anybody could be happy to inflict suffering says it all. This situation is really about the worst kind of bully with a huge ego and way too much power saying “I’m going to punish you now and you’ll regret ever standing up to me”. But bullies’ idea of their strength is always over-inflated. The result of this latest crucifixion debacle might be some kind of victory for centrist-rights but it’s going to be short-lived. If Greece couldn’t repay its debts before, how will it be able to repay under worse terms, that will cripple the economy more and cause even more suffering? Furthermore, the cracks in the Eurozone have been exposed and are widening.

Conclusions: The longer Germany keeps up this vice grip because it's got the money and the voting power, the more the essential integrity of the Eurozone will disintegrate. Let's face it; the point of it in the first place wasn't to profit everybody, just to profit Germany above everybody else. Well, bullies have their day and cause a lot of destruction. But they eventually cannibalize. 

What a fragile race we really are.