Saturday, October 24, 2015

Standing Ovation to Hillary Clinton at Benghazi Hearing Fiasco

So. Hillary Clinton and the interminable investigation into Benghazi. Anybody who could keep their cool through a day of intelligent intense grilling deserves a big round of applause.

This formidable woman did more than that. Hillary Clinton held herself intact in the face of weak-minded, spiteful, silly men and women spewing weak, spiteful vitriol and silly questions of the sewer variety. I think that would be just as provocative as intelligent questions. At least with the latter you can have some kind of intellectually satisfying debate.

I was gobsmacked at the stupidity and mean-spiritedness of what came at Hillary unrelentingly. I don't even want to call her questioners inquisitors; it would imply that they had some degree of power. Not one of them had a smidgeon of it.

They all sulked when they couldn't get her to take their bait or to lie about the truth, or to lose her temper. The childishness was hard to believe. Trey Gowdy was really something, with his oily skin and eyes that were pinpricks of rage. Almost foaming at the mouth. And what a way to honor those who died. Using their death as political currency, lying about the facts. Nauseating. 

I'm in awe of how Hillary kept her cool, her dignity and her presence of mind. She was courageous and smart and knew how to pick her battles. When she did she emerged a clear winner. But she didn't hide what she was going through emotionally and what she went through after the attack. She cut through the crap when said "I have spent many sleepless nights, more than any of you here, I suspect..." There was so much power in that. She put them all to shame.

This is a perfect illustration of ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’, the sword in this instance being lies and absence of integrity. I shake my head in amazement and distaste—and often horror—at the current GOP. It truly has some of the dumbest and nastiest people in it. 

They’re pathetic strategists, pushing causes they can't win, creating a dust-storm of untruths, spending huge tax-payers’ money in the process.

Promoting an unpopular candidate for President, Govt. shut downs, blackmailing a President over budget, trying to get rid of the ACA, Hillary Clinton—with Bhengazi-gate and email-gate—and Planned Parenthood...

And, the way they do it utterly lacks logic.

1.  Nobody liked Mitt Romney, not even the guys promoting him.

2.  The party that cries ‘government overspending’ shuts down that government, costing the taxpayer millions, making itself unpopular with the people it needs to be able to stay in power—the voters, hallo.

3.  Blackmailing a President who has the power of veto and isn’t afraid to use it. That’s a really dumb one.

4.  Saying the ACA is hugely unpopular when we have this modern miracle process called stats, which prove that it’s popular. And being unable to find one real instance of the damage it causes, so using actors and having them tell lies that are easily provable as such.

5.  Finding no evidence to prove their case for Benghazi-gate or Email-gate and carrying on, then GOP politicians revealing it’s all really about getting rid of HRC. Oops. How's that working for you, guys?

6.  Creating and promoting gruesome Planned Parenthood videos that are easily provable to be 100% fake.

7.   An eleven hour grilling that elicited not one shred of evidence, because there is none, and succeeded only in making the grillers look utterly absurd, having handed their political opponent more popularity at the polls on a silver platter and ending up being the laughing stock of the political world. 

Then there’s how much money all the GOP Presidential candidates are having to raise and spend just to fight each other. Bush has had to fire staff and lower wages already.

Lousy strategists indeed. And the GOP love gambling. Apart from what this neurotic behavior which amounts to an addiction says about them, they’re absolutely useless at it. Usually the amount of damage they do with their own silliness tips the scales from funny to worrying. But the outcome of the Benghazi hearing is just downright hilarious.

If Hillary Clinton hadn't been able to keep her cool, if she wasn't so totally informed about all the intricate details, if she wasn't clear in her own mind about everything regarding the incident, if she wasn't smarter and more honest than all of her questioners put together, if she wasn’t innocent of what she’s being accused of, things would have turned out differently. But she did keep her cool. She did impress everybody who has even a modicum of active brain cells.

And she’s innocent. She has nothing to hide. Standing ovation, Hillary Clinton, standing ovation.