Sunday, December 13, 2015

World Harmony! Good Triumphs over Evil with the Paris Climate Accord

It's incredible when mainstream news is actually something good. This morning when I read about the Paris Climate Accord something mind-boggling happened to me; I was proud of all the world leaders. Great Gods! I’ve never felt that before. 

I feel positively light headed from it and my world view has brightened up considerably.

I've always admired President Obama but I'm especially proud of him now for pushing so hard against Republicans on this issue and I’m thrilled that his good sense has prevailed. 

He so deserves that experience and the accolades he's getting now. We also deserve the experience of good sense running the show. It's enough now, of bloody-minded, short-sighted, dimwit GOP politicians getting in the way of cleaning up the world and messing things up for all of us. Given how much they affect those of us who aren't American citizens, we should all be able to vote in mid-terms and Presidential elections. 

Republican candidates who vow to roll back everything Obama has achieved regarding clean energy and preserving the planet (even for them, not that they deserve it), they'll now have the whole world condemning them.

I've been surprised to see how many people have griped and groused that it's not enough and not even celebrated what's happened here. It's their loss. 

It's easy to promote gloom and doom and spread negative sentiment around but you can't build anything that has any value on it. You have to take the best available and build on that. Sometimes it takes strength of mind to see the good but in this case it’s not hard. As a race we’ve achieved harmony in something monumentally important for the first time ever. Ever. It’s a kind of World Peace.

I understand that this is just a start and that so much more needs to be done but given how recalcitrant leaders previously were to concede that the earth was in grave danger and that they and their countries had any responsibility in that, to have reached accord with 100% accountability is a phenomenal achievement. 

And there’s momentum here, which is what counts. Dirty energy production is still entrenched, sure, but it will never be able to gain back the ground it’s lost, it will never be able to be king of pile again in the way that it has been for so long.

We’ve been heading in this direction for a while, gaining ground. Remember when solar panels were just something out of science fiction? It still is in a lot of places, I know—there’s a town in theUS that is terrified it will suck up all the sun’s heat—but it and all forms of clean energy are more and more mainstream now.

And now we’re closer than ever to the tipping point where big money invested in that dirty energy will see that there’s more opportunity to make fortunes in clean energy. 

Won’t that be a strange sight, to see big industrialists climbing all over each other to clean up the world?  Those like the Koch brothers who have tentacles of power spread far and wide and have brainwashed so many to believe that dirty energy is good will have the hardest time adapting. I feel for them. Not. In this business of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’ it’s a triumphant moment for good.