Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters Associate Hillary Clinton with Hitler

When I was in my early teens I learned about Hitler and the Nazis and the horror of it has stayed with me my whole life. Some years ago I discovered that I have Jewish ancestry. I've wondered if anybody I’m related to had to endure a concentration camp. I think about it a lot. 

Recently I visited the Holocaust museum in Cape Town. I’ve seen many photographs and international exhibitions of art exposing the brutality. I’ve been frightened and touched and moved and angered over and over again each time. But nothing prepared me for that day. The museum is constructed so that you move through sections representing different aspects of the Nazi atrocities. There are a lot of photographs of victims who are named and many more who are not. 

Except for a young girl I was alone. It was quiet and respectful and felt like a church. I moved from photograph to photograph of anguished men, women and children. I wept and wept and wept. I wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I wanted to say to the nameless I saw you, I will remember you. I cried that humans could be so brutal.

At some point the girl came up to me quietly and put her arm around me. No words. Just love and kindness. It made cry even more. I didn't want consolation. I wanted them to have that love.

Today I was looking at what my Facebook friends have posted and I came across this. I’ve removed my friend’s name out of respect. It’s a video but I’m not going to provide the link. 

Anger me? No kidding. First off, the term Hillarynista is an insult, but much worse is the Hitler association. I didn't want to see any more, didn't watch the video. I don't care what Hillary said. It isn't funny. There's nothing good or entertaining or funny or profound or productive or remotely truthful about associating her with Hitler, no matter what she's done or said. It's not just the insult to her and her supporters that bothers me; in fact that's the least of it. It's the insult to Holocaust victims and their families of making a casual joke out of the cause of their terrible suffering.

I said as much in the comment section. I want to say more, not just to my friend, but to anybody who thinks comparing somebody to Hitler is a joke.

Do you think this is funny?
Or this?

How about this?
I found another photo of piles of dead bodies with a doctor in the middle trampling over them. I couldn't embed it without paying $150 so take my word for it. By piles I mean hundreds and hundreds of people who surely lived through agony before their lives were snuffed out. And the doc casually strolling on them was the guy who had injected them with petrol. That one isn't funny either.

It's enough now. If you support Bernie Sanders then write about him. Don't kid yourself that you're promoting peace or solution or love when you casually share a joke that compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler. You're spreading hate.