Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Congratulations Hillary Clinton! #HistoryMade

Congratulations Hillary Clinton! Her nomination win is thrilling, especially given how hard and long she's fought for it. She gave a fabulous speech; full of joy and humor and respect.

It's been a lifetime of fighting for her and she's had the harshest of allegations hurled at her for years and years and years. None of it has been proved but it hasn't stopped coming. Yet she pushed through it all and has triumphed. What an exceptional role model, teaching girls and women in every country that the highest hurdles, the most seemingly insurmountable barriers, can be overcome. Following on from Barack Obama's presidency where he and First Lady Michelle Obama triumphed by pushing through barriers equally impenetrable, equally challenging in every way.

For all its faults, there's a reason why America leads the world. Eight years ago they shattered a glass ceiling and they've done it again. One historic president is going to be followed by another. Historic indeed; on the day Hillary Clinton's mother was born, Congress approved the 19th Amendment allowing women the vote. And now her daughter is the Democratic nominee. Come November she will be the US President.

I'm so looking forward to her taking Trump down. Ironically, the negative exposure she has had for so long is going to work in her favor now; anything he throws at her will be old news, courtesy the GOP and Bernie Sanders and some of his supporters.

But there is a goldmine in Trump's life for Hillary to dig up. And we've already seen that she's the only one who can unseat that terrible man.

I'm going to open a bottle of champagne tonight to celebrate how far women have come. Yes, it matters to me that the next American President will be a woman.

Suck it up, Susan Sarandon! Whether you want to admit it or not you and your vagina are going to benefit from Hillary Clinton's presidency. Though you probably won't be grateful, the majority of Democrats and Independents in America will save you from a Trump presidency and the destruction you so happily said you would welcome if Bernie didn't win.

Over time all the lies that have been fabricated about Hillary Clinton will be exposed, all the conspiracy theories and predictions will come to nothing. She'll make a great president. Barack Obama's outstanding legacy will be honored. And young girls will know that their dreams can become a reality.