Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Letter to Susan Sarandon: Thank God Hillary Clinton Is Hours Away From Becoming Madam President

Dear Susan Sarandon, you don't know me. But as America stands on the brink of voting for tolerance, inclusion, sanity, wise governance and love, or endorsing bigotry, and thus either saving or condemning the world, I thought I would take this opportunity, to say a few words to you and introduce you to a few people.

Like many others, I read what you said ages ago about the chaos of a Trump presidency being better than a Hillary Clinton presidency, because then out of the chaos something really democratic could evolve. You proudly announced that you didn't vote with your vagina. It was cheeky of me, but all I could think was, perhaps your vagina hasn't learned yet that it's allowed to vote. 

Now listen here, Susan. If you want to blow your own life up, that's up to you. If you want to muzzle your vagina's voice, that's up to you too. Hard for me to believe it's a progressive thing but hey, that's just me. Here's the thing that does really bother me, though: you won't be the one who particularly suffers if Trump wins the election while you sulk over Bernie Sanders and egg others on to do the same. You've got immense wealth, fame, a fantastic job, a future, influence. You've got it all, and good for you. You deserve it, you've worked hard. 

Not everybody has such a safe place in life, though. I certainly don't. The people who will really suffer are the ones who don't have anything or who have very little. Those who can't vote with their vaginas because if they do they might get beaten up or abused in some way. Then there's that enormous group of human beings; African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, LGBT, and, hello, women in general. They'll suffer too. Think of all the Muslim children who will be bullied and beaten up. There'll be a corrupted Supreme Court for the next how many years? And world diplomacy and peace - kiss it goodbye! What about all the victims of the wars that Trump will engage in, the victims of his alliance with Putin, the increased power of the military industrial complex? The complete and utter fucking mess that will explode on the world? 

What about all the girls and women who will experience an upsurge in male entitlement? What about the women Trump abused? They'll have zero chance of retribution. What about the homeless all over the country, those people that Trump doesn't even see as human beings? I'm sure you get my drift.

And your idea that there will be some grand cathartic experience is fantasy, hon. There won't be. The chaos that everybody refers to isn't about the wealthy suddenly ending up with nothing. No, it's about them accumulating more. The wealthy will get wealthier, the middle class will disappear, the economy will plummet and take down other economies around the world, and the earth will get closer to destruction. A lot of irreversible things can happen in four years. Values will be over-ridden and banana republic tactics will run the show. White supremacy and racism will gain power. That's what the chaos will be.

But the wealthy? They'll be fine. You, darling, will be fine. None of the disasters that you are so willing to visit on the whole damn world will touch you.  

This isn't about allegiance to Bernie Sanders, because he has asked his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton. It's not about truth, because you and Sanders supporters in general have propagated as many lies about Hillary as the GOP and Trump. It's not about caring about democracy because you're willing to toss it. What's it about, then? Here's a thought: people who want to force a very punishing cathartic experience on others are often frustrated and too afraid to confront whatever will create a catharsis for themselves. I can relate; who can't? But that you don't care who gets sacrificed is, frankly, a slap in the face to people around the world. To all the minorities who have ever been and still are persecuted. To all the women who have been and still are being abused. 

I'm not American so I'm powerless to vote, I'm powerless to fight for tolerance and inclusion, for sanity. All I can do is watch and be grateful to all the Democrats whose vaginas have a vote, all the Democrats who don't have vaginas but still vote with good sense and accountability. Whether they know it or not they're saving the world right now. They're even saving you, Susan. They're voting for this woman who has withstood persecution the likes of which I hope you never have to experience.

As I said, you deserve the place you've forged for yourself. You've been committed, you've worked hard. You've also been loved and appreciated. I wonder if you ever imagine what it might have been like for you to be trashed every waking moment, to have everything you've ever done that was good be twisted and distorted and fed into a giant media machine until everybody hated, despised and persecuted you. How it would feel if you knew you'd been scapegoated but nobody cared. If even intelligent people bought into the narrative and turned your beautiful life and achievements into something dirty.

Susan, while you exercised your right to visit chaos and suffering on the world, women of dignity like 99 year-old Minerva Turpin exercised their right to vote for the preservation of order and all that's good about being human. Being stronger together. Making history.