Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sean Spicer: Hitler Didn't Gas His Own People - Just in "Holocaust Centers"

Arrogant, disrespectful, ignorant, intellectually challenged, depraved, abhorrent; these are the words that spring to mind thinking about the Press Secretary's latest glib pronouncement, that Hitler didn't use gas. Sean Spicer's recent frank admission that he made a mistake did nothing to assuage the fury about his ignorance, nor did his attempt to patch up his mistake by saying that Hitler didn't use gas on his own people, just in the Holocaust Centers. 

Not his own people? The Holocaust Centers?

Spicer, falsifier-in-chief, seems to utterly miss another point; the ongoing outrage that a press secretary for an American president is an ill-informed boor with such utter absence of integrity. He knows the president doesn't tell the truth and that as press secretary he lies to cover for his boss, and he doesn't care about it. Truth has no value for him. Evidenced by what he said in a talk at Chicago University early this year, "I have never lied... because if you lose the respect and trust of the press corps, you've got nothing. To go out and tell an all-out lie is something that's just not acceptable."

He hasn't changed much since his college days, where, as a student senator, he was called Sean Sphincter by the student paper The College Voice. He tried to instigate college legal action against them and sent in a pompous, angry complaint, for which he was satirized by another student paper Blats.
"Sean Spicer can talk and talk and talk, and after the dust settles and after the air is still, man mouths are quivering in awe and wonder at the way Sean can spin his yarn out for miles, without saying anything of consequence."
It's hard to comprehend how he ever became a communications director for various political bodies. Except of course that he's worked for Republicans, for whom the word communication doesn't mean imparting truth. He was the RNC Communications Director for six years before working for the Trump administration. You know a man by the friends he keeps.

It was easy to be passionate about politics when the Obamas were in the White House. It was frustrating and infuriating to watch the low-minded Republican Party with its obstructionist tactics relied on principles that are their core were driven by the need to protect the wealthy, white, conservative and often Christian element in America. But at least the President, First Lady, and members of the Administration were admirable in every respect. Classy, driven by integrity, brilliant, super-qualified, and good at their jobs. The world was safe with its most powerful country in their hands. And the press secretaries were a pleasure to listen to.

But this current Administration is inexperienced, boastful, utterly unqualified, mean-spirited and incompetent. And too intellectually challenged even to realize how they reveal their own stupidity every day. They can't formulate a single strategy among themselves. There's infighting, back-stabbing, disloyalty, outright betrayals, and a steady stream of lies and attacks on the foundations of democracy, taken straight out of Vladimir Putin's playbook, and even Adolph Hitler's.

Not only have they and their august leader made America a target of international scorn and satire, but they've made the world significantly unsafe already, in 82 days. Yet another record for the Trump administration, which has broken so many, all of them shameful.

Everybody is talking about how exhausting it is to try and keep abreast of the disasters, untruths, and missteps that have come to characterize the government. Americans and people around the world implored each other never to let this become the new normal and so far it hasn't. But it's sickening to read about and watch this crew of heartless, soul-less, gutless wonders every day. CNN giving Sean Spicer airtime every day has become painful. One learns as much about the truth with the sound muted. 

It's necessary to stay informed, but doing so taking its toll on everybody, from citizens to politicians to journalists and TV anchors and hosts. Passion in politics was easy when there were people of integrity in the White House who not only knew what they were doing but were also beautifully articulate. 

It's turned into a dreary affair, having to watch and listen to a president, his administration and various staff who have all earned their place in this idiocracy.

Photo: Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor