Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CNN Predicts Obama's Win! Empire State Building Turns Blue. God Bless America

Great gods! CNN has just projected that President Barack Obama will win. The Empire State Building has turned blue. At last CNN has got it right! All this time, I've been watching the Huffpost electoral map, which has solidly predicted Obama's win. I've been so sure that they were right.

I've wondered why CNN's electoral map was so different, and why they've insisted on saying all along that the race was neck and neck. I've been so sure they were wrong. Last night, all the anchors and opinion-givers were certain it was going to be along drawn-out affair, so close that the outcome could depend on legal disputes. It got annoying.

Amongst all of that, one reporter said he was sure it would be over much sooner than people were predicting. Turns out he was right. God bless America, God bless Americans for coming out in droves to preserve what's most precious in their country. There's no turning back now, what Obama has set in motion is there to stay.

America can continue to rebuild its foundation in the only way that can work - slowly and surely, from the inside out. This is such wonderful news for people around the world, too. Scenes of public rejoicing abound.

I'm rejoicing. It is so wonderful when something so good and right as what Barack Obama has set in motion is affirmed and supported.  When the good guy wins. The rest of us in the world owe those Americans who have voted for Obama a huge debt of gratitude. You've made the world safer for all of us. You've inspired me.