Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Holding Out for Barack Obama's Win

I woke up this morning in Cape Town South Africa at 5:30 and my first thought was please God, the Universe or whatever, let all those Americans who support the truth and the wisdom, honesty and transparency that Barack Obama embodies as an individual and as a President, know how crucial it is to vote today.

In the past week I've seen two documentaries aired on CNN, one about Mitt Romney, the other about Barack Obama. There were things about Mitt Romney that I liked. I liked how passionately he loves his children and his wife. I didn't see an evil man. But I did see a man who shifts with the wind whenever it suits him, and who apparently has no awareness that he's doing it, and that I don't like.

It scares me. Because either he's dissembling and knows exactly what he's doing, which makes him just a political opportunist who will say whatever he thinks people want to hear so he can get into power - which is definitely not outside of the realm of possibility - or he's a fool like GW Bush, which makes him the ultimate potential puppet.

Neither alternative is particularly attractive in the leader of a country that has historically shown tremendous willingness to create war where none was necessary, to fill the pockets of the military industrial complex. I saw an interesting photo of GW Bush and Romney standing side by side, hands across their chests, looking beautifully patriotic.

But alarmingly, with the same vacuous expression on their faces. What is so hard for me to understand is how so many Americans can want to place their trust in a man who can't steer himself on a straight course through a campaign. He couldn't do it against Ted Kennedy and he hasn't done it against Barack Obama.

If he was deliberately fucking with people's minds, well, it didn't work against Kennedy, did it? Only problem is, Kennedy wasn't the first African American president, so factor that into the mix and the picture becomes a little more alarming. Still, somehow I have this inner conviction that Barack Obama will cary the day.

It's one thing to say you support somebody you don't really like, it's another thing to actually vote for them. Mitt Romney isn't a popular man amongst his own followers. But Barack Obama is. Which tells a story. It seems that the only people in the world who can't see why he should be president for another 4 years are that belt of  conservative Americans.

Everybody else in the world wants Obama to win. It's so clear to all of us. I'm sure even Iran would prefer him to Romney! Plus, we're all sick of war too. We're all sick of lies and politicians who shift with the wind, who love to bully and throw the weight of their country around.

I love America. It embodies so much that I hold dear - the ability to make something of dreams, to think big, to constantly evolve what it means to be a free individual. The years under GW were dark, but with Barack Obama as President I've seen the America that I love begin to come alive again. So I'm holding out for him. A man amongst men.