Monday, November 5, 2012

My Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

Oprah Winfrey once said that if you want to thank somebody, then do it! I can’t let another day go by without thanking you for the way you’ve inspired me in my own life, for the incredible courage you’ve shown, for your remarkable capacity to focus on the important aspects of humanity, and for the truly great president that you’ve been these past four years. I wish I was American, that I could work for and vote for you. 

I’m relieved and thrilled that many Americans appreciate you. I wish more could step away from their fears, prejudices and conditioning to see how you speak and act from the heart, and with wisdom and breadth of vision. I wish they would factor in the reality of what it takes to heal America from the wounds inflicted by the past Administration. 

Most of all, I wish they’d let themselves see what you’ve achieved despite unbelievable resistance and odds - and that you are succeeding. Sometimes it seems to me that you’re a great man in a room full of blind, deaf, prejudiced, fearful people. And no matter how strong you are, I think it must be painful and so hard. 

When you were elected, I celebrated with every molecule of my being! Of course I want to see a landslide this time, it should be a landslide. When there’s this much good going on it’s natural to want to see it widely acknowledged and celebrated. Well, you never know, but landslide or not, I think you’ll win. Integrity and reality have a way of getting beyond the barriers of prejudice and fear. 

Thanks also from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration you’ve brought to my own life. I’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome within myself. I never give up but I do sometimes feel discouraged. Every time, though, I look to you in my mind. You remind me of what a person can achieve, and what they can withstand without losing any part of themselves.

I wish you peace in your heart, and great and wonderful success in your campaign. You’re a pearl of great price in my estimation.

Yours truly,
Jennifer Stewart