Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Pedophile Priests, Exploitation, Guns or Corrupt Politicians / Corporations

I was recently asked what I'd do if I was the supreme leader of my country and I had carte blanche. Well, if you're going to fantasize you might as well go the whole hog. So I thought about what I'd do if I was world leader. 

I’d order mammoth research into the drug and psychiatric industries and I’d get rid of all guns. Yes, all guns that shoot real live bullets. Every single last one of them. People could go to counseling if it was traumatic. They’d get over it. I’d get rid of all armaments and shut down all military industrial interests. No more war. Anybody who had a snit about territory or religion or power would have to learn how to debate well. If it was traumatic they could go to counseling. They’d get over it.
I'd decree that the Vatican is no longer an independent state, that it is part of Italy and must declare its earnings for the past hundred years. The backtax it would owe would be used to create an organization to provide social security benefits for people who have been demolished by austerity measures, globally. 

The pope and all the bishops around the world would be forced to adhere to their vow of poverty and stripped of all their wealth. They’d all have to take a truth drug so they couldn’t lie. Those assets and that money would be put into a global proactive investigation to unearth all pedophile priests past and present and defrock them, to pay settlements to all legitimate victims who came forward. 

The Vatican would be investigated by a team of the best experts in the world to unearth its connections to the Mafia and other thugs in organized crime. It would be stripped of any excess wealth and some of that money would be used to create organizations in different countries that provided job opportunities at decent salaries, and education for people who needed it to be able to do decent jobs. These benefits and jobs wouldn’t only be for Third World underprivileged but for anybody who has slipped through the cracks.  

Some of the money would go towards counseling organizations so that everybody who wanted it would have a chance to know what it is to get decent parenting, unconditional love and sane, practical guidance and teaching, so they could learn about self esteem and entitlement and how to live the good life.  

Some of the money of course would have to go to preserving the beautiful buildings of the Vatican City. I know, it seems like a waste, but I’m sure there’d be more than enough. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t matter because the Vatican coffers would be emptied and all the corrupt leaders in the world who are still alive would have to cough up the money they got by abusing their power. Since Berlusconi is still around, there’d be plenty from his bloated fortune. Relatives who are living off fortunes of dead corrupt officials and politicians would have to cough up too. 

Whilst I’m on the subject of corruption, some of the money from corrupt leaders would be used to investigate bankers who would be charged with crimes if they committed them. Their wealth would be added to the pile used to educate and empower people who needed help.  

All corporations that have committed crimes and been able to avoid prosecution, or that have won their cases because of intimidation etc. would be retried and forced to pay huge sums. Those that were prosecuted and convicted but got away with a relative slap on the wrist would have to pay fines and compensation commensurate with the crime and how much they earn. In other words, it would hurt. And the proceeds would be really useful. 

And on the subject of hurting, all the corrupt church, government, corporation people, once they’d been properly tried and had paid their dues, wouldn’t have to go to prison. They’d be set free and if they’d learned anything they’d be left alone, but if they didn’t, they’d miraculously find themselves in dire poverty. They wouldn’t be told that it wouldn’t be forever and all their efforts at pulling themselves out of it would be blocked. In other words, they’d know the humiliation and pain of being disempowered unfairly. 

Remorse and a desire to change would be the key to them being offered counseling and assistance. Would I make sure there was intervention for anybody who looked like they were ready to commit suicide? I wish I was nasty and vindictive enough to say no, but alas I’m not. Yeah, yeah, there’d be intervention.

Imagine a world with no guns, no pedophile priests, no super-wealthy corrupt Vatican, politicians or corporations. Not because they’d been stripped of their power with one wave of my hypothetical and utterly fantastical wand, but because we’re all so conscious of our rights and our worth that we didn’t let anybody get away with exploiting us in any area of life. That’s a world I look forward to.