Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Positive Think Your Way to Abundance

Abundance. It's a nice word, isn’t it? It's a great concept, the idea that abundance of everything is there for everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are. And if you haven’t got enough of it apparently you can just think your way into it. Or you can be lucky and win the lottery. Just kidding.

Abundance of money, abundance of opportunities, abundance of dreams, abundance of dreams fulfilled, abundance of self-esteem, abundance of love and respect. We all want that. Especially love. Everybody wants a happy relationship, where they’re treated with respect and there’s real connection.

All of it always seems so miraculously possible, so utterly achievable - and real – when you’ve just read the latest motivational book, or seen the latest “spiritual” film. The big Aha moment. They make it so clear, don't they? Your thinking brain comes alive with all the possibilities it didn't see before. Often they tell you that just seeing those possibilities is all it takes. Just getting your head around the bigger idea. Manipulate your brain. Just think! And now that you see and think, you know. And because you know, you can act differently. So your life will be different from this point on. Better. Fulfilled. Successful. Filled with abundance. To know is to change, isn’t it? 

It's a fabulous idea. How hard can it be – you watch a film, read a book, intellectually embrace an idea, and miraculously your life turns around. All the things that don’t work in your life just melt away. The men who haven’t treated you well? They’re gone, and they’re somehow magically replaced by different men, who treat you with incredible respect, make you feel deserving and loved and important. And all you had to do was think differently. Be positive.

Sounds logical, right? Actually it’s bollocks.