Thursday, July 11, 2013

House Republicans Show the Senate the Middle Finger on Immigration Reform

The message from Republicans in Congress just gets louder and louder. No compromise, no matter what. If the Senate likes it, we hate it. The latest missive is about immigration reform. On Wednesday House Republicans met in the basement of the Capitol to work out amongst themselves a response to the Senate measure passed last month re an overhaul of immigration laws that includes the road to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US and tougher border controls.

The conclusion they came to was that they would take their sweet time, that they wouldn’t approve anything that smelled remotely of amnesty – for those who have been contributing to the US economy in no small measure and been treated shockingly for it, mind. There were mutterings that they might approve the tougher border controls, though, and possibly pass a few bills before August.

Definitely they’re going to do it piecemeal, and immigration reform isn’t high on their priority list. So they showed the middle finger again. 

Clearly they still believe they have all the power in the world, and can do what they want with it, and never have to face any consequences. Like being voted out of power by the people they think they don’t have to pay any attention to. Women. Gays. Hispanics. African Americans. Reasonable Americans. Smart Americans. Americans with a heart. Americans with a soul.

It’s tragic that America, the most progressive country on earth for so long, is being held to ransom by a group of mean-spirited conservatives who are capable only of very short term vision. Where do these men come from? They seem almost like a kind of a throwback to the early days when it was dog eat dog. Take what you want. If somebody gets in your way, kick them down, rape them, shoot them, burn them. 

Perhaps it’s a kind of mutant gene. Barely human. Maybe it's all a science fiction nightmare.