Monday, September 30, 2013

President Obama to Speak at 4:45 pm ET on Looming Government Shutdown

President Obama will make a statement at the White House at 4:45 pm ET regarding the looming government shutdown.

The House proposal to provide stop-gap spending on condition that Obamacare be delayed for a year was defeated by the Senate 54-46. The House is now preparing another proposal, which again will have terms the Senate will reject, which everybody knows. Time runs out at midnight.

General predictions are that a government shutdown is inevitable and that it will have devastating effects on the US economy and the world at large.

Despite polls showing that the majority of Americans are already blaming Republicans, those (Tea Party members) responsible for persuading Congress to hold the US economy hostage are exhilarated and believe that the American public supports them.

We all love to think that the US is the bastion of democracy but is it really democracy when a Republican Congress is controlled by a group of right-wing anarchists who pursue an agenda that hurts the economy and the majority of the American people and is against the wishes of the majority of the Republican electorate? 

Readers leaving comments on the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN articles about the looming shutdown have likened House Republicans to terrorists. It looks as if American democracy is under threat of being hijacked by the Tea Party. 

But how long can they hold onto their power and their illusions? Not much longer. Bubbles have a tendency to burst.