Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For Shame, Jim Boehner

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers, a member of House Speaker Boehner’s leadership team, was recently interviewed by Candy Crowley on CNN.  Crowley asked “where does this end?” McMorris replied that it ends with the Senate coming to the table and negotiating because this shutdown was being forced on the American people by a Senate who didn’t want to do their job. She said the majority of Americans were utterly panicked about having Obamacare forced upon them and did not want it and that Congress recognized that and was simply acting for the people.

The Senate, virtually shrieked McMorris, was being irresponsible in refusing to entertain any kind of budget proposal that had conditions which have nothing to do with the budget attached to it.

Crowley then brought up a recent CNBC 3rd quarter survey: 38% favor defunding Obamacare and 44% oppose defunding it.  Of those who favored defunding 59% said don’t shut down the government to do it and 19% said yes, do.

McMorris dismissed this poll and repeated, like a stuck record, that the American people are terrified and that Senate needs to negotiate. When Crowley asked was she prepared to shut the government down over Obamacare McMorris refused to answer directly, but veered off into blaming the Senate for refusing to negotiate. 

Crowley didn’t let her off the hook and said but you know it isn’t going to happen. The Senate won’t accept your terms and President Obama has said he will use the veto. Are you prepared to let the government shut down?

McMorris again refused to answer directly, showing great leadership qualities indeed. 

Has Congress delivered a defunded Obamacare to the panicked American public? No. They've shut the government down, but Obamacare is rolling out. So the point of this entire fiasco was??

For shame on Boehner for the part he's played in letting himself be held hostage by a core group of Tea Baggers. He'll go down in history for being a man who sold his soul and was willing to send his country down the toilet to keep his job. And this Congress will go down in history for letting itself be controlled by a bunch of self-serving fools who either don’t understand or don’t care about the real responsibilities of governing.

And is there anybody else in the world apart from these conservatives who believes that affordable health care is a bad thing?