Monday, November 3, 2014

Democrats Will Hold Onto Senate in 2014 Mid-terms


In 2012 right up to the election being called all the media predicted a Romney win. I remember one of the CNN anchors being so certain the President Obama’s days were over, smug in his self-proclaimed knowledge, up to the second he was proved wrong. I was certain Romney would lose, sure that the majority of Americans were smart enough to know what was good for them.  

I was right. That was a presidential election, though, which traditionally draws more voters out, especially Democrats, than a mid-term does. 

For a while everybody has been predicting a GOP Senate take-over in this year's mid-terms, even the Huffpost, which was the only media to predict Obama's win in 2012. But many pollsters have acknowledged that their questions haven’t changed enough to accommodate the massive shift in demographics over the past 4 years. They've targeted or attracted conservative white, often older male, voters. So nobody really knows what Democrats will do, especially from the minority groups, not even the Huffpost. 

Well, if enough Democrats don't vote, they'll hand the Senate to the GOP. It's mind-boggling that  there's even a question in people's minds about what a great job Barack Obama is doing and has done since 2008 and that the whole country isn't rushing to the polls to vote Democrat. I'm deeply saddened and indescribably frustrated at how so many Americans have let an incredible opportunity slip away since 2008 by not informing themselves accurately about this President, refusing to face their own ignorance and prejudice. They have a great man at the helm but they can't/won’t see it. The rank arrogance, incapacity to think independently and sheer absence of gratitude horrifies me. 

But what inspires me beyond words is how President Obama has only grown in stature with each passing day, each obstruction, each derogatory remark about him, each massive obstruction erected in his way.

I know this about change, whether it occurs in a single person or a society: when it starts happening the old status quo kicks up a lot of dust. The more intense the dust the more powerful the change. It feels counter-intuitive but it’s true. The change signified by President Obama’s election in 2008 will continue; this right-wing resistance will run out of steam and dissipate and any liberal fear of helping to lead the change will melt away too.

But not in time for Barack Obama to get the thanks he deserves. It isn’t right.