Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP Senate Win – The Fools Controlling the Blind

Benjamin Franklin's scepticism when he said he'd given Americans a republic, if they could keep it, has again proved to be well founded. I guess he understood the general populace's addiction to illusion and dislike of thinking for themselves and taking serious responsibility for their choices.

The truth about President Obama, that he's a brilliant man who has turned the country around in ways that no other leader in the world has been able to do for their country, is available to everyone but too many have chosen to see an illusion created by fools whose only talent is in conning the multitudes, the kind of fools who distribute pamphlets telling people the election has been postponed or the polling stations have been moved. Who organize robocalls to election officials the night before voting telling them they're not qualified and mustn't show up on election day. That's who will govern the US for the next two years. 

It doesn't say a thing about President Obama or what he’s achieved in reality but it speaks volumes to a level of mental degradation in the majority of those who chose to vote. Dumbed-down doesn't even begin to describe it. Well, you can blind yourself to reality but your blindness doesn't save you and everybody else from the consequences of your choices.

Equality for women, rights for all minorities, LGBT equality, decent working wages for all, health care for all, affordable education, a soaring Dow Jones, a middle class and economy on the path to recovery, policies protecting the environment and promoting clean energy - kiss it all good-bye.  
And welcome back increased racism, paranoia, prejudice, poverty, promotion of environmental destruction, more guns, a country split even more disastrously into first world and third world with an ever widening gap between the two, increasingly disintegrated infrastructure, wasted spending, international wars and more power to the military industrial complex, banks doing what they want, an even more biased justice system… 

Welcome back to everything that set America plummeting down on a course towards economic destruction and social disintegration.
This brings to mind the words of a Faith Hill song I’ve Got My Baby; “Those were dark days, dark days indeed.” Further on, the words are “But everyone knows that that’s how it goes, it’s usually bound to get better.” It will, eventually, but not for the next two years and that’s a lot of time for the rot to set in again.  

What a wasted opportunity. My heart goes out to President Obama, the First Lady and their daughters. This must be unimaginably and inexpressibly painful for them. Being ahead of your time  brings grand respect after your job is done or you're dead but it doesn't bring much to you when you're alive.