Sunday, March 20, 2016

#Bernie Supporters, Please Stop Trashing #Hillary! And Would You Really Vote For Trump?

I’ve about had it with the anti-Clinton memes that use 'information' selectively to make her out as evil incarnate almost as much as I’ve had it with the #Bernie is a saint memes and the idea that Sanders supporters are the only ones who truly understand the social issues at stake and who truly care about the fate of their country.

Then there’s the fact that Sanders’ initial flat refusal to throw dirt around and denigrate Clinton drew adulation from supporters—who then started a hate campaign against Clinton, comparing her to Hitler, equating her with Trump and worse. It seems pretty similar to the GOP campaign against Barack Obama and, yes, against Hillary Clinton. Short on information, long on rage and disinterest in truth.

It hurts her, of course, but it's going to hurt them too if Bernie doesn't win the nomination. I don't understand why they don't see that. Hate is a greedy beast. Hate campaigns, whether they come from the far right or the far left have the same result. They create an illusion which the people who foster them start believing. They can't see they're doing it but it affects their behavior. They become irrational. It's happening, right in front of our eyes. 

Some of those who are so intensely passionate about their country and restoring it to health are saying that if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination they won’t vote at all in the election or they’ll vote for Trump. It's mind-boggling. Reading the New York Times yesterday I came across quite a few in the comments section.
If I can't have Sanders as the Democrat nominee for the general election, I guess I'll need to look to Trump. Trump and Bernie are the only two populists who are running for president. They are America's best chance for the future.” Ellie Kesselman from Arizona.
No comment.
I know that I vote for him even if I have to write him in.” Journeyman from State of Jefferson.
Which amounts to not voting, no?
just sit this election out, that's what i'll do if Sanders loses come nomination time. Better not to cast a vote for either evil than vote one of them in. Let the sheep voters get what they deserve come November.” Lou Andrews from Portland Oregon.
Lou seems to think he won’t get it too.
One of the greatest things to come out of Sanders' campaign is the outpouring of passion from his supporters on this forum. Before that, I thought I was the only like-minded soul within a thousand miles. 
That, and the fact that I finally got to vote for someone I respect -- the first time in 40 years of voting -- has made his campaign worthwhile for me. I will write his name on my ballot in November if have to. The thought of voting for Clinton disgusts me almost as much as voting for Trump.” RJD from MA.
You didn’t and clearly still don’t respect Barack Obama? One wonders why, considering his excellent track record.

Then I came across this comment: 
I have absolutely no right to speak for Sen. Sanders, but I suspect that, based on my perception of his fundamental intelligence and decency, he would be horrified to hear his supporters say that Trump would be their choice if he is not nominated. Why don't you ask him now, instead of waiting for the end of the primaries?” Greeley from  Farmington CT in response to Elle Kesselman.
I liked that. I also want to know what he thinks. So I tweeted him: “@SenSanders Many supporters are saying that if you lose the nomination they won't vote or they'll vote for #Trump. Is that what you want?” I haven’t had a reply yet. Back to the New York Times article and moving onto the other side of the fence:
Bernie... has seemingly encouraged his followers to say outrageous things about her… the ugliness of the misogyny, the evidence of the mass credibility of the decades-long Rove-and-Koch attacks, the vicious memes… I know many women that post their ideas and feelings re Hillary's campaign to secret groups on Facebook because their Bernie-believing friends pile on if they are public about this… the honor of the Bernie [has] been slipping lately.” Anne Klefstad from Duluth MN.
To do him justice Bernie did say he didn't want misogynists supporting him. And his campaign has reprimanded the followers a couple of times. But not convincingly and often enough to get through to them. It's hard not to draw conclusions from that if not playing dirty is so important to him. Moving on.
Ann, thank you for your post. I feel the same way. It is hard for me to believe that Sanders… is not at least partly responsible for the extraordinary hate, yes, hate, that many of his supporters now bestow upon Clinton. For her part, Clinton [also chose not to play dirty]. She stuck to her platform and has critiqued Sanders' platforms when provoked to do so… Her record is not impeccable, but neither is she deserving of SO MUCH HATE AND RIDICULE. She has survived years and years of false accusations and frivolous investigations by the republicans. They have gone after her because they know she will be a successful change agent for all of Americans, especially those most in need now.” Journeywoman USA.
Personally I say amen to that. Although I’d add that going after her was also part of the effort to sully President Obama. But the comment that had me at hello was this one:
 “A Hillary - Bernie ticket would be…combining 2 sides of the same coin into [a] whole balance. Together, they would sweep the country to winning a truly amazing revolution taking Obama's work to an even higher level. This is my wish for our country.” Karen from Boston, Ma.
Thanks, Karen from Boston for showing us all how it's done.