Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders Deserves Respect from Everybody

I don’t know why but until recently I have never seen many derogatory comments about Bernie Sanders although I’ve been told that there have been and still are plenty.

But lately I’ve started seeing people sneering at Sanders, saying he’s an old man who’s out of touch and can’t possibly win. I don't like the sneering any more than I like the hate campaign against Hillary Clinton. It has a sour, acrid feel to it. Yes he’s in his 70's but do we really want to promote the idea that your life is over and you have nothing to contribute after the age of 70? I hope not because to quote anybody who’s gotten there it’s going to happen to me too. I’m sure not going to subscribe to the idea that it’s ever over just because of a number.

Is Bernie out of touch? When nothing specific is attached to the phrase the insinuation is that he’s loony. Nothing could be further from the truth. He’s articulate and supremely well-informed and can hold onto an argument when distractions unnervingly are hurled at him rapid fire. The odds have been stacked against him in every way but he has persevered and turned the tide. Which is pretty heroic.

I don’t think it’s a slam dunk that he still can’t win the Democratic nomination. The Huffpost has an election results page where you can search for polls in each State and in pretty much all the states that haven’t voted yet and that have polls Bernie is closing the gap on Hillary.

Is there enough time for him? Never say never. His supporters remind us constantly—and rightly—that when he started everybody laughed at him. But look how much money he has raised from individuals. Look at his following on Twitter. He is a very committed man. Who has enjoyed unprecedented success despite having very little media exposure.

Who would beat Donald Trump despite that he has been given exposure that if translated into TV ads would have cost him nearly $2 billion. I think it’s cause for celebration and great respect.

Trashing Bernie Sanders will achieve nothing. In any case when did rude become the norm? It certainly doesn’t make your heart expand with joy and fill you with a sense that life is good and worth celebrating. It’s kind of like people thinking they’re cool because they get drunk. What’s cool about that? It’s the easiest thing in the world to pour alcohol down your throat and end up with a throbbing head as you bend over the toilet retching your guts out.

There’s nothing cool about being rude either. It’s easy. It’s tempting. It’s satisfying, at one level. I know because I’ve done it. At another level it’s a mild form of abuse, a.k.a. bullying. It’s basically saying that you as a human being are totally worthless whereas I, with my absence of respect for you, my lousy manners and my arrogance, am a model of rectitude.

And of course I’m smarter than you. Because you’re stupid. And I want to hurt you; I want you to feel small and inadequate. Definitely not cool. 

If Sanders wins the Democratic nomination wouldn't it be better if he won a landslide against Donald Trump? Of course it would. So how does it help Hillary Clinton supporters to trash him now? It doesn't. And he just doesn't deserve it any more than she does.

Reading the New York Times  the other day I came across this comment:
“A Hillary - Bernie ticket would be…combining 2 sides of the same coin into [a] whole balance. Together, they would sweep the country to winning a truly amazing revolution taking Obama's work to an even higher level. This is my wish for our country.” Karen from Boston, Ma.
Wouldn't that be the best thing? Bernie and Hillary joining forces is the best chance of a landslide against the Republican nominee.